While diverse roles for women in film have made some progress in the last few years, certain female character tropes are seen again and again. A new trailer for fake movie “Underwritten Female Characters” puts a spin on some of the most worn out female roles, spoofing everything from the Bechdel Test to the treatment of Asian and black women in movies.

Lola, a beret-wearing, free spirited redhead, is dumped by her boyfriend at a coffee shop in favor of “a pretty brunette who’s also a lawyer.” As she dejectedly leaves, she is grabbed by a group of women called the UFC, or  “Underwritten Female Characters.”

It turns out that Lola, who is the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” fits perfectly into their squad. “They call me Sassy. I’m the comic relief and overly supportive best friend! I also bring minorities to the theaters,” explains one character, welcoming Lola to their group.

The trailer, from sketch comedy channel Nuclear Family, stars Bree Essrig, Ana Cheri, Shanna Malcom and Ceciley Jenkins. And if the voiceover sounds familiar, that’s because it’s done by Jon Bailey of Screen Junkies and Honest Trailers.

Check out the hilarious and painfully accurate trailer below.